Mini Mystery: Nancy Visits Diagon Alley

August 16, 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to 1995 where the fashion is memorable and Diagon Alley might actually be located in New York. That's right, this mini-mystery is kicking-off the 1995 television series, Nancy Drew, starring Tracy Ryan. Will she solve the mystery? Is that a young Dean McDermott? Have a listen and find out!

And, if you love the intro and outro music, be sure to check out Kathy Johnson and her music at! A big thanks to Kathy for letting me use her song, Nancy Drew!


Nancy Drew & The Mystery at Lilac Inn

August 9, 2017

I'm back with Nancy Drew and The Mystery at Lilac Inn. This, the fourth installment of the Nancy Drew Mystery Series is full of twists, turns and characters. So, buckle up we may find ourselves getting run off the road as we journey to solve the mysterious happenings at Lilac Inn!

As always, thank you to Kathy Johnson for the use of her song Nancy Drew! Check out her website


Nancy Drew and the Bungalow Mystery

May 24, 2017

Well, I was hoping that if I delayed this episode I'd be able to do a comparison of the original 1930's text and the 1959 revisions, however, that didn't shake out. Fortunately, we still get to learn a lot from our girl Nancy, like the importance of magic cars and how to hoard like a boss! 


Mini Mystery: The Workinest Girls at River Heights U

May 5, 2017

A Quick Update: For the time being it will just be Michelle doing the podcast by herself, but that's okay because we are continuing on our sleuthing journey. This week we are traveling to The Wonderful World of Disney to watch the 2002 made for tv movie, Nancy Drew, starring Maggie Lawson of Psych fame. 


Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

April 20, 2017

Nancy's second mystery takes us to a clonial manor named Twin Elms where Nancy is tasked to uncover the mystery of a ghost that seems to be haunting the house. Carson gets kidnapped, there is (obviously) a hidden staircase, we learn the value of a good costume party, and ponder the difference between fruit and plain gelatin. 


Mini Mystery: Emma Roberts Plays Nancy Drew

April 14, 2017

In betwen books we're going to be talking about the film and television adaptations of Nancy Drew! Up first is the 2007 movie, Nancy Drew starring Emma Roberts. Michelle realizes that she really needed a break from college in 2007 and Katie undergoes a journey she's not sure she wanted to sign up for. 


Nancy Drew & The Secret of the Old Clock

April 4, 2017

Welcome to Nancy Drew's Mystery Podcast. One of us has read Nancy Drew, the other has not. Join us as we embark on a journey through the Nancy Drew catalogue of mysteries. First up is The Secret of the Old Clock. 

Thank you to Kathy Johnson for letting us use her song Nancy Drew:

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